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Welcome to Fearless Music Productions!

Here you find the songs of Singer/Songwriter Scott Taylor. Scott is a native of New Jersey who has been residing in Los Angeles since 1990. Scott has been working in the music, video and film industries since 1990 when he graduated from Full Sail University. The first production he worked on was with the southern rock band Molly Hatchet, and since then the amazing artists he has had the pleasure to serve as a staff engineer and studio manager include a who’s who of popular FM radio hit makers.

The site is here to help us connect with co-writers, producers, artists to write for or with, labels and publishers who would like to see and hear samples of his craft. It’s right here, just go for it!

All of the songs on the site are demos, nothing has been mastered or finished. If it’s here, it’s available!

Scott is most interested in connecting and collaborating with writers, producers and artists who love to focus on the music and arrangements. Scott is most at home writing lyric, melody and producing in the studio to bring the songs to life! He also writes the music for many of the songs by himself, and he is also cool about about co-writing any and all parts without a doubt! He knows that real magic happens when two or more minds begin to harmonize for the purpose of creating music and songs!

Let us know if you would like to discuss any of the Fearless Music and songs on the web site, and/or to see if co-writing, co-producing, and co-creating new songs and music projects could be a good fit for us together, and then just let the muse do that crazy thing it does! We love when that happens!

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