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A Few of My Achievements

Attending Full Sail University gave me a realistic path into the music industry. I was always able to get a good job at well known, and very busy studios including: Westlake Audio, Loinshare Recordings, SONY Music Studios, Music Animals, Post Logic, and Pfeifer Music Partners where I was Studio Manager. At these well known studios I was working on projects with some of the most successful acts on the planet. To name a few: Madonna, Pink Floyd, Tony Bennett, Paul Anka, Kenny Loggins, YES, and a long list of others as well. Really super fun times for me. I loved working in the music industry, and yet I found that it was not providing the income I needed it to once I was married and had a baby on the way. I found that I could increase my income to nearly double by moving into video and film system sales and marketing in the new media reseller model. I first joined the team at New Media Hollywood. Then I had an office at Avid Technology for a while, and finally accepted an offer with a leveraged upstart called 3 Point Digital which proved to be a great move! Here I quickly became VP of Marketing, bought a house in Encino, and life was good again! Eventually (about four years later) I started TaylorMade Marketing, my own agency as the reseller business was morphing fast and margins fell off quickly once Apple entered the market with Final Cut Pro. O.K, back to the music ...

The Writer

I have been making up songs my entire conscious life. I started in early childhood and started capturing tunes when I learned to play guitar in my early teens. This is just who I am, and what I do. Words and melody are where I play, and arrangements are where I have to work a lot harder. This is why co-writing has been so fun and productive for me. I do get the basic rhythm tracks as I write the lyrics, but often co-writers and collaborators have better ideas and find that I am very easy to work with. Staying open to the muse is the right path, and makes for much more fun, creativity, and far better results! Let me know if you are a great musician, and might like to write together, I am always open to meeting new writers who are very good and seeking lyrics, melody, and to combine our talent and vision into fresh new songs.

My Future

More music, more songs, and more fun in studios with talented artists, producers, and collaborators. BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM SONGS based on your stories, relationships, and legacy are among the most fun and requested projects I search for and secure. Of course, I love to write and create effective jingles with the right emotional impact for my commercial clients, and we can turn these around very quickly when needed with mix outs of music only, full production, :15's, :30's. and: 60-second options so you can better optimize the various options from different radio campaigns! I come from perhaps the most successful jingle house in LA which was Music Animals directed and owned by John Bahler and his beautiful wife Janet Lennon of the Lennon Sisters. Our client list was a who's who of top national and global brands for years, and it was a fantastic training ground for me back in the 1990s. I have also been blessed with ongoing requests to write and produce "custom songs" for everyday people and some precious everyday miracles and moments. Most often it's for Weddings, (or Divorce parties), Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, even funerals appreciate a song about the life of the deceased, and there are absolutely no limits to what or where a quality song can help to set the proper mood and provide the impact to the key moment of the day! This work is a major part of my plans, my path, and my main objective for Fearless Music Productions. Let's talk soon to see if we might be a great fit! Feel free to reach out to share your music.

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All AboutSongs.

Just Like The Wind

Formed in 2008

"Just Like The Wind" We were like thunder and lightning, the perfect pair alone in the night I admit it was easy to be deep as the ocean, wild and free I thought for sure there’d be sunshine forever, but then a cloud blew in, I was alone again Just like the wind, you always run away You come on strong as hell, but you never stay Just like the…

Shyness And Pain

Formed in 2008

"Shyness & Pain" I never did get her name, or her number I watched her walk on by, like all the others I didn’t know what to say, and it makes me feel like a fool And when she looked my way, I didn’t do what I should do! They call it Shyness & Pain, They're one and the same, takes all my pride Shyness & Pain, again, and again,…

Give Love A Chance

Formed in 2008

"Give Love A Chance" The smartest man I ever knew taught me a good thing or two He said speak from your heart, an open mind is your best start He said Give Love A Chance, and if you try you’ll find It’s just like learning to dance, so take one step at a time The smartest lady that I know, cooks all her recipes real slow And with a…

Someone That You Think About

Formed in 2008

"Someone That You Think About" I want to be someone that you think about I want to know something, I don’t need no doubt I gotta get somewhere, so am I in or out I want to be someone that you think about There’s a road that leads into your heart, I want to find the fire I want to start that spark right now How long is it gonna…

Hollywood’s Cruel

Formed in 2008

"Hollywood's Cruel" At least one hundred thousand people on any giving night Are dreaming down that boulevard the famous strip of light Some dream about the future, some still dream about the past Telling tales of how takes so long, but slip away so fast Hollywood’s Cruel, Hollywood Fool Hollywood’s Cruel, Hollywood Fool It ain’t no pretty story of life It’s just desert planted power town where the wisdom of…

Guided By An Eagle

Formed in 2008

"Guided By An Eagle" Is it true what they say this world is dying Just too many hands, and well not near enough tryin’ They say it’s out of control, and every new kid in town Got their eye on this land, their ripping paradise down It takes a certain kind of fool to plow down these trees You gotta be a desperado with visions of greed Or could it…

Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye

Formed in 1993 – 2008

"Don't Know How To Say Goodbye" If I listen to my heart I walk away But I care about your feelings, and that makes me want to stay I know I have to make a move, yet every time I try I just don’t how to say to goodbye I m sure I’m not the first to feel this way Still that doesn’t make it easier in my thoughts from…

Don’t Do This, don’t Do That

Formed in

"Don't Do This, Don't Do That" I know it’s not my place to say it, it’s just so obvious to me We’ll see a very different summer, now that Jenny’s finally free After 18 years of crying, living with that drunken fool Her daddy almost broke her spirit, he’s got a desperate set of rules He said, Don’t do this, Don’t do that You better not make waves I’m the…

Hunting for a Heart

Formed in 2008

"Hunting For A Heart" After the burning summer, the gusty winds of fall And the coldest chills of winter have been the seasons of my soul I keep on going, like a hunter in the rain instinctively knowing That this chase is just a game, Hunting for a Heart Only love will keep me warm, Hunting for a Heart With the will to stop a storm Finally found my season,…
"We really enjoyed watching Scott play. Amazing Gig!"
Jordan Rudess
"Awesome writer, nice voice, and he played well! The lead guitar, (Nick) is amazing!"
Jim Smith

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