About this event

LA has some of the best up and coming singer/songwriter talent playing the many “Open mics”, and I have been going and watching and learning and playing for years. Critical listening for the gems to hone my “Producer side” has been some of the most fun as well as the some of the best areas of growth. So many artists have outstanding talent, but the “gem” in them is not yet polished. The producer side of me is always looking and listening between the lines, as i find what I like. Great presence, creative ideas, great hooks in lyrics, clever chord changes, cool new sounds and blends of styles, and the right attitude, or something in their movements that reveal the potential. I love this stuff! These are the events i’m at these days seeking fresh new artists, co-writers, and other producers to collaborate on new projects.

Call or write to see if we might be a good fit for this, I’d love to meet you, and hear your ideas. Maybe I can help you on your path as well you helping me on mine!

I can be found around town, I live in the Valley, I like the open mics in Hollywood, North Hollywood, Encino, and Sherman Oaks best as I write this, and there is so much more as this is a really big town…, I’m playing shows, and I’m looking for other singers and player who would like to join me.

Facilities On Site

Google Open Mics in Los Angeles to find a good list, and get out there! Let’s do this!

Parking Availability

Stay creative, free parking is there in almost every case but you need to be early. You can’t show up late and think you’ll find a great free parking spot near the door, this is LA people! We need to be smarter than the average bear!

  • Say hello if you see me, I don’t bite
  • Always have a business card, or stop thinking you are in the business.
  • Get seen, get heard. Play the open mics if your not yet a pro, and call me if you are a pro who may want to collaborate.

Event Location